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Good design is good business


Uni Design offers a large variety of services. With our own staff and external network we guarantee the optimal solution for every project.


Corporate Identity
Wordpress and HTML Websites
Magazines and Books
Infographics and Visualisations


Marketing Strategy
Social Media Advertising
Campaign Planning
Report Visualisation


Social Media Plan
Annual Reports
Email Campaigns
Content Management Solutions

Good design is good business

We believe that details complement the big picture in all aspects: design, business, and communication. By creating innovative and feasible concepts we offer our clients unique opportunities to improve their business and increase visibility. From below you can find statements from our clients from past projects. If you may need additional information, please contact us from the bottom of the page.

“Teemu was practically in charge of the extremely critical role of Art Director in my parliamentary campaign 2015. His vision, skills, touch and insight were essential in making my run look and feel one of the most professionally executed campaigns in Helsinki. The positive feedback regarding the campaign visuals hasn’t still ceased, and what is more, I personally enjoyed working with him from the start to the end. Highly recommended.”

Matti Parpala

Eduskuntavaaliehdokas 2015, www.mattiparpala.fi

“Uni Design hoitaa erittäin hyvin ja ammattitaitoisesti sovitut työt. Heiltä tulee myös ideoita, jotka ovat uusia ja oivaltavia ottaen huomioon alamme erityistarpeet.”

Markus Heiman

Toimitusjohtaja, Tilitoimisto Auctora Oy

“Uni Design delivers all services extremely fast and proactively suggests improvement to our orders. UniDesign is also very contemporary having print and infographics related services.”

Sulava Oy

“The cooperation with Uni Design Oy was easy and the outcome excellent. We really appreciated the open and clear communication of the company. The common project was successful and if there will be similar needs for us in the future Uni Design Oy will be our 1st choice as our partner.”

Betaseed GmbH

“Outstanding flexibility, sustainability and creativeness.”

Tactical Design and Testing Services

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Teemu Koivisto

CEO, founder

Teemu founded Uni Design while studying in upper secondary school in Joensuu. During the years Uni Design has provided new designs and ideas for companies, associations, political campaigns, weddings, parties, etc. With background also in capital markets and financial services, combining design, business, and communication is Teemu’s game. Join us to hear more.